Middle of the Holidays

I guess it has been a while since I posted anything and I thought that during my lunch break today I would take a few minutes to get a blog out there.

First off, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  This year has been a crazy year.  After moving into a new house during Thanksgiving and celebrating my sons first Christmas I have had little time to do anything other that eat, work, school work, sleep, repeat.  Throw in a move to a new house and my time has disappeared.  Not a lot of gaming on the Xbox, not a lot of guitar playing, not a lot of rest.  Simply not a lot of time.  What is the old saying?  Not enough hours in the day.  I feel like my wife and kids barely see me and work has been rough.  I’m stuck tolerating berating emails from the owner about how bad my performance is compared to others that have years and years more experience than I do.  Any lawyers out there reading my blog?  I would love to have a professional read these threatening emails that I have gotten over the past 6 months.  Enough of that rant.  I can’t let it get me down at a time like this, in the middle of the holidays.  I have been sending out some resumes and hoping to get into the field that I am currently studying for,  I.T.  Any pointers or tips you readers may want to reach out and lend a hand would be appreciated.

Now I will conclude with the fact that this was the first year that my daughter really got into Christmas and it was exciting.  I love seeing the joy and happiness in her eyes when she was anxiously awaiting Santa’s visit and the awakening on Christmas day and more important, the response she gave granny when she was asked what “today” was.  My daughter replied Jesus’ birthday.  I couldn’t have been prouder.  As I have said before I won’t push Christianity beliefs on anyone but to hear her say that gave me hopes that she won’t simply take Christmas for granted.   My son is only 6 months old so he spent more time trying to bite the gifts and chew on the ribbon.  Quite humorous.  Regardless, a day that I will remember, I hope, forever.

Now it’s back to work and taking care of automotive needs.

Happy Holidays!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m gonna start this post off with Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who reads this.  Chances are you are simply killing some time before heading out to meet and eat with family and friends.  Be safe and have a great day.  I’m starting my day off with my cup of Joe and some quick reading of favorite blogs while the wife and kids are sleeping in.  This year will be a little different than previous years.  This year my family will be moving to a new house and due to work and horrible scheduling, my wife and I will be basically boxing up goods and moving back and forth all day.  The weird thing is that, although I would like to visit with family and friends, I’m looking forward to getting this move going.  With the recent addition of my son this year we have outgrown the two bedroom townhouse and need some more space.  My daughter is extremely excited because she has a bigger bedroom and my wife is excited because she has a bigger kitchen.  Both wins in my book.  I, however did not get the extra room that I wanted to become my guitar room/recording studio/mancave.  Oh well, you can’t win them all.  Anyway that’s my update for the day.  As for Thanksgiving dinner, thank goodness Cracker Barrel is open today!

Be safe and enjoy the holiday season.


Skyfall is here!!!

Let me start this off by saying that I am a huge fan of the James Bond series in both film and novel.  I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this 23rd rendition of 007 since the announcement was made some years ago.  Skyfall has hit the theaters with much applause.  Reviews have been extremely kind and that fact has me very excited.  In a tradition started a long time ago my buddy Chris and I are taking off shortly and are planning to watch Skyfall this afternoon.  Yes, I am sacrificing some NFL time today but this 007 we are talking about…I hope to give Skyfall a review later on today if family time allows.  Be prepared as I am a fanboy so…Cue the music.

First Day of Fall

So I feel like dropping a few lines this afternoon.  This beautiful Sunday afternoon, at least in East Tennessee.  I started this first day of fall with a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee fresh from the Keurig. Took a few moments to take a look outside to see if the signs of fall were there.  Only a few of the trees in my backyard were starting to show color and of course I tried to show my daughter the leaves and attempt to make it a special moment and she wanted nothing to do with it.  Oh well, maybe someday.  Sunday is typically my only day off for the most part and it’s also the only day I really get a chance to do yard work and catch up on my school work.  I also forgot to mention my favorite part of Sundays in the fall…NFL.  I realize I last blogged about the return of football during week one but what can I say?  I simply love the game.  There was a time when it was beer and wings just about every Sunday but with the kids around, I’m simply the armchair quarterback with either a bottle of water or a cup of coffee.  I guess I’m getting old.  Unfortunately I’m the only one in the house that likes football at all.  At least for the time being.  Maybe someday my daughter and son will follow in my footsteps.  Who knows?  Maybe …

Until next time…


Welcome back NFL!!!

To start this brief conversation off I’m happy to say Welcome Back NFL!!!  It has been a long 7 months and simply put, I love NFL Sunday.  Why am I posting a blog during game time?  First of all I am busy bouncing back and forth from CBS and FOX in anticipation to the monster Sunday night matchup between the Steelers and the Bronco’s.  Sorry, I might not have clarified, I’m a Steeler’s fan. Love me or hate me, it doesn’t matter.  They were the first team I remember seeing on TV back when my mind was developing as a young sports fan in the making.  Back in the late 70’s and very early 80’s, when I was between the ages of 4 and 7, the Steeler’s were a great team and I was able to jump in as a fan, to my father’s dismay whom I believe to be a Redskins fan at heart but never really discussed it much since the rest of my father’s side of the family were Redskins fans.  It’s understandable since that side of my family comes from upper central Virginia about a 100 miles out of DC.  I can forgive them for being loyal to the local team.  Enough of that, back to today.  I’m watching the majority of todays televised games in casual mode.  My wife has left me alone with both of our kids and I’m trying to balance between taking care of my 3 month old son and my 4 year old daughter and I have been lucky so far today.  My son wanted a bottle and, poof, just like magic, nap time has arrived.  My daughter has found a Barbie movie on TV that she is watching and, surprisingly enough, is being quite and playing with dolls as she watches the movie.  I just saw Tom Brady march his Patriots down the field for what appeared an extremely easy touchdown and RG III is having a decent game for his rookie opener.  I love it.  I’m nervous thinking about tonight.  Will Peyton Manning come out and be like his former self and pick apart my Steeler defense or will my Steel Curtain show up tonight and make Peyton rethink his injury and consider retirement.  On top of all of this, the pre-season Steeler team I got to watch appeared to be mediocre at best.  Yes, I’m worried.  Hopefully Big Ben didn’t pile on too many pounds this off season.  I would normally say bottoms up right now but my days of pounding beers are far behind me.  I may be lucky enough to sip a cold one during the four o’clock games today if my wife makes it home at a decent hour. Nonetheless, I’m just happy that the NFL season is back in full swing.

Go Steeler’s!!!


Technology, Why do I Follow Thee?

So I have been neglecting my “Thoughts” blog for a while now and since today is my first day off from work (during the workweek) since back in May, I have decided to post a quick note of my “thoughts”.

Technology…man, I am a technology junkie.  Not that I am continually buying all new things tech, it’s simply just amazing to me how much technology has evolved since my first Commodore computer.  I follow it like as if it is a daily ritual.  Why am I writing this you may be asking?  There are so many cool and neat things coming out in the near future that it simply gets me excited to be in the “know” before it comes out.  One thing that has been sparking my interest over the past few months is the iPhone 5.  With all of the newest offerings from Android and even Windows Phone(well, maybe not so much), the iPhone 5 needs to be on top of its game in order to stay at the top of this ever evolving world of cell phone technology.  First thing first, we already know that it will be 4G, it’s a given but how about the camera?  It better be spectacular.  I went to a concert earlier this year and of course brought along my trusty iPhone 4 and took some photos and a couple of videos.  As I was taking pics, I noticed that a ton of people around me were doing the same thing.  So I actually started looking at some of the photos that I had been taking with my iPhone 4 and comparing them with an unidentified man seated in front of me. His pictures were completely off the charts incredible.  His photos were crisp and the focus was nearly unbelievable.  For the first time in a long time I felt that my iPhone had let me down.  What kind of phone did this strange man have you ask?  It was one of the Samsung Galaxy phones.  Now I will admit that I am a fan of Samsung products (owning both a Samsung tablet and television).  With the iPhone 4, up until that day, my biggest complaint has been my home key not working all of the time.  After comparing some photos, I realized I had bigger complaints.  So Apple, I hope you get that part right.

On to the next subject…I enjoy using my Samsung tablet when I’m at home just sitting around or preparing to call it a day and reading through the Kindle app.  I was aware that Android 4.0 was released and knew that it would be any day and I would get this highly touted upgrade on my Galaxy tab.  As I was getting ready to put down the tablet and call it a day, I manually checked for any updates and lo and behold the update was available and immediately I accepted the terms to begin the transformation into Ice Cream Sandwich.  The sad thing is that while holding my tablet, I fell asleep and sometime around 3am I awoke to find that I had Ice Cream Sandwich.  It featured a new look and certainly faster speeds.  I quietly put my tablet down as I went back to sleep only to awaken a few hours later to check out all of the features.  What can I say?  I’m impressed.  Thanks for the update.  As I said earlier, I’m a tech junkie and of course I always want to upgrade to new gadgets but as long as I’m able to get updates like ICS it helps subside the need for new.

Time for me to go back to being daddy, until next time…


Randy is still in jail!!!!!

Randy is still in jail!!!!!.

This is from a blog I follow on WordPress.  Truer words never pressed.  Great post Lurch!

The Gift of Love and Life

I am sitting in bed trying to wrap up today’s activities and trying to relax as I take this day in.  What happened you ask?  Today my wife gave birth to our second child, Gabriel Chase McKemy, and I felt the need to quickly post my thoughts and feelings as this experience is still fresh in my mind.  Where do I begin?  I guess after watching my wife work so hard to produce this new fragile life into this world, I feel like any of my accomplishments in life are minuscule compared to witnessing the birth of my second child.  My daughter’s birth was a life changing experience 4 years ago and at that time I was unable to put any type of feelings into words and today I need to put a few words out there.  Today, I watched as my wife pushed and pushed with all her might and love to bring Chase into this world.  At that moment of his birth I was overwhelmed with many, many feelings.  The one that hits me the most is how much I love my wife for all she has done for me during our 10 year relationship, 7 years of which we have spent married to each other.  I realize she has put up with a lot of my childish ways throughout the years (Xbox, Guitars, Mountain Biking and just about anything else I felt the need to do throughout the years), but she has been by my side no matter what.  My daughter, Noel, really changed our life as she brought me more of a completeness in my journey through life and now with Chase I know that my world has changed for the better, adding yet another ingredient in my recipe of family and life.  Another thought that occurred to me during today’s experience was how or why would parents witness this gift of life and love throw away the value of family for some selfish other reason.  I guess I’m wondering why my mom and dad couldn’t have turned out different and stayed happy as a family.  Would that change make a difference in the person that I am.  I’m not sure.  There was a lesson or message in life that I picked up on sometime in my childhood that made me believe in what I do.  I realize there is always two sides to every story but when I think about everything my wife has done for me with the birth of our children, I can’t possibly understand why we would ever give up on each other.  Now this may seem like a rant about my issues but it’s simply a thought that crossed my mind today.  I can’t tell the future but I do know that I have a responsibility that outweighs any need or desire that may come my way.  I want to instill the importance of family and support to both of my children so that they can help may a change in this world.  Marriage is a sacred bond that has it ups and downs.  Today certainly was one of the ups.  In my heart this is the message I want any reader out there to take away, pride in family leads to the gift of love and life.  




Now it’s off to bed to try and get a little rest before I get to bring mom and Chase home tomorrow.


Chase and Mommy

Chase and Mommy

Moments after Chase was introduced to the world.

The Black Keys

The Black Keys. A good, quick review of the Black Keys show in Minneapolis, MN.


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