My New Blogging Home…For Now

After speaking with a my buddy Anthony, I have decided to give WordPress a shot for some blogging.  As with my View from Below blog this will be totally random and certainly more like the title of my blog “Thoughts of the Day”.  I’m not sure what to do discuss on this, my first WordPress blog, so I’ll just give a little background on myself.  I’m a technology dork.  I try to keep up with this crazy world called technology.  I’m also a father that has a beautiful daughter who is almost four as of this blog and I have a son that will be here at the end of May.  I am also a music fanatic as well as a guitar lover.  I guess you could say I collect guitars if you looked at the amount I have.  What can I say?  I’m always looking for an incredible deal and sometimes I find what I’m looking for.  I live in East Tennessee and grew up in Southwest Virginia.  Mountain biking is in my blood.  It’s almost time to get back on the bike and hit the trails.  I’m also a fan of Xbox 360 when I have time to turn it on.  Besides the fact that I’m currently in auto sales, I’m back in school attempting to get my bachelors degree in IT.  Sounds busy doesn’t it.  Hopefully one day it will all pan out.  Anyway that’s me in a nutshell.  On with the day.


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