School shooting in Ohio

By now everyone has either heard or read the story about the school shooting in Ohio yesterday morning.  As an adult who has one child getting ready to go to school and one child yet to be born, this is the kind of news that scares me.  It’s a situation that leaves me feeling helpless for my daughter.  Do I allow her to go to public school?  Should I consider private school or home school?  I realize that it’s hard to believe but I remember back when I was in school (pre-1991), you never heard of this stuff happening.  I’m not sure what the change is.  Why do we seem to have a school shooting every 6 months or so?  Where do the parents go wrong?  I have so many questions that go through my mind every time I hear news like this.  I’m not sure what the answer is but there must be a solution.  Anyway he is part of the story:


Why does this happen?



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