The Hunt for Joseph Kony 2012

I am simply posting this because as of 7am this morning I had never heard of this Joseph Kony guy.  My day started out normal as I brewed a cup of coffee, looked through the ESPN headlines and caught up on Twitter.  I follow Randy Blythe from Lamb of God and usually read everything he posts.  Even if you don’t know who Randy is, you should know that through all of his actions and his stage persona, Randy is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever come across.  On to my rant…Randy posted a quick tweet linking this video about this tyrant in Uganda and the story of survival for one of the many victims who has lived through watching his family be killed off. When I first viewed this video, there was only around 400,000 views.  As of my blogging there have been over 11 million views.  This is news that we typically don’t see here in America unless tragedy strikes.  This time the people who use the web as their news source have started a snowball that is bound to lead to justice and hopefully soon.  If you haven’t seen the video here you go:

If this video has affected you the way it has affected me, your blood must be boiling and you probably feel a lot of anger and possibly hate going through your mind.  This man might as well be Hitlers brother.  What kind of person makes young boys kill their own parents and rape young girls.  Then the defacing of young boys, it’s sickening.  It’s probably a good thing that I am not in charge of the free world or there would be another video posted right after that 29 minute wake up call.  That video would be showing the result of what one of our SEAL teams or Special Forces teams would have accomplished by bringing this piece of trash to justice.  The is a special place in hell for people like Joseph Kony.  To quote James Hetfield of Metallica, “Hunt you down without mercy, hunt you down all nightmare long!”  Good luck trying to sleep at night you worthless piece of shit.


One thought on “The Hunt for Joseph Kony 2012

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    I try to stick with a certain topic on this site. My goal with this blog is to entertain and to keep you informed. A place to step away from the realities of life and just take a breath. However, there are things that come along that make you think. Things that get under your skin and grate on your nerves. My friend Jimmy has started a blog on WordPress and on his blog was this story about Joseph Kony. A man I have never heard of until I saw this video and read his blog. I thought I would pass it along.
    This is a link to their Facebook page:

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