The Gift of Love and Life

I am sitting in bed trying to wrap up today’s activities and trying to relax as I take this day in.  What happened you ask?  Today my wife gave birth to our second child, Gabriel Chase McKemy, and I felt the need to quickly post my thoughts and feelings as this experience is still fresh in my mind.  Where do I begin?  I guess after watching my wife work so hard to produce this new fragile life into this world, I feel like any of my accomplishments in life are minuscule compared to witnessing the birth of my second child.  My daughter’s birth was a life changing experience 4 years ago and at that time I was unable to put any type of feelings into words and today I need to put a few words out there.  Today, I watched as my wife pushed and pushed with all her might and love to bring Chase into this world.  At that moment of his birth I was overwhelmed with many, many feelings.  The one that hits me the most is how much I love my wife for all she has done for me during our 10 year relationship, 7 years of which we have spent married to each other.  I realize she has put up with a lot of my childish ways throughout the years (Xbox, Guitars, Mountain Biking and just about anything else I felt the need to do throughout the years), but she has been by my side no matter what.  My daughter, Noel, really changed our life as she brought me more of a completeness in my journey through life and now with Chase I know that my world has changed for the better, adding yet another ingredient in my recipe of family and life.  Another thought that occurred to me during today’s experience was how or why would parents witness this gift of life and love throw away the value of family for some selfish other reason.  I guess I’m wondering why my mom and dad couldn’t have turned out different and stayed happy as a family.  Would that change make a difference in the person that I am.  I’m not sure.  There was a lesson or message in life that I picked up on sometime in my childhood that made me believe in what I do.  I realize there is always two sides to every story but when I think about everything my wife has done for me with the birth of our children, I can’t possibly understand why we would ever give up on each other.  Now this may seem like a rant about my issues but it’s simply a thought that crossed my mind today.  I can’t tell the future but I do know that I have a responsibility that outweighs any need or desire that may come my way.  I want to instill the importance of family and support to both of my children so that they can help may a change in this world.  Marriage is a sacred bond that has it ups and downs.  Today certainly was one of the ups.  In my heart this is the message I want any reader out there to take away, pride in family leads to the gift of love and life.  




Now it’s off to bed to try and get a little rest before I get to bring mom and Chase home tomorrow.



One thought on “The Gift of Love and Life

  1. Great post.

    Sometimes in life things just work out the way they do. It may seem like a crisis, but in the end it makes us who we are. I think you are a better husband and father for what you went through. You know what it takes to make it not work so you do your best to make it work.

    I really am very happy for you guys. The wives, man, they do a lot for us. I don’t think we could ever truly thank them for all they do.

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