Technology, Why do I Follow Thee?

So I have been neglecting my “Thoughts” blog for a while now and since today is my first day off from work (during the workweek) since back in May, I have decided to post a quick note of my “thoughts”.

Technology…man, I am a technology junkie.  Not that I am continually buying all new things tech, it’s simply just amazing to me how much technology has evolved since my first Commodore computer.  I follow it like as if it is a daily ritual.  Why am I writing this you may be asking?  There are so many cool and neat things coming out in the near future that it simply gets me excited to be in the “know” before it comes out.  One thing that has been sparking my interest over the past few months is the iPhone 5.  With all of the newest offerings from Android and even Windows Phone(well, maybe not so much), the iPhone 5 needs to be on top of its game in order to stay at the top of this ever evolving world of cell phone technology.  First thing first, we already know that it will be 4G, it’s a given but how about the camera?  It better be spectacular.  I went to a concert earlier this year and of course brought along my trusty iPhone 4 and took some photos and a couple of videos.  As I was taking pics, I noticed that a ton of people around me were doing the same thing.  So I actually started looking at some of the photos that I had been taking with my iPhone 4 and comparing them with an unidentified man seated in front of me. His pictures were completely off the charts incredible.  His photos were crisp and the focus was nearly unbelievable.  For the first time in a long time I felt that my iPhone had let me down.  What kind of phone did this strange man have you ask?  It was one of the Samsung Galaxy phones.  Now I will admit that I am a fan of Samsung products (owning both a Samsung tablet and television).  With the iPhone 4, up until that day, my biggest complaint has been my home key not working all of the time.  After comparing some photos, I realized I had bigger complaints.  So Apple, I hope you get that part right.

On to the next subject…I enjoy using my Samsung tablet when I’m at home just sitting around or preparing to call it a day and reading through the Kindle app.  I was aware that Android 4.0 was released and knew that it would be any day and I would get this highly touted upgrade on my Galaxy tab.  As I was getting ready to put down the tablet and call it a day, I manually checked for any updates and lo and behold the update was available and immediately I accepted the terms to begin the transformation into Ice Cream Sandwich.  The sad thing is that while holding my tablet, I fell asleep and sometime around 3am I awoke to find that I had Ice Cream Sandwich.  It featured a new look and certainly faster speeds.  I quietly put my tablet down as I went back to sleep only to awaken a few hours later to check out all of the features.  What can I say?  I’m impressed.  Thanks for the update.  As I said earlier, I’m a tech junkie and of course I always want to upgrade to new gadgets but as long as I’m able to get updates like ICS it helps subside the need for new.

Time for me to go back to being daddy, until next time…



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