Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m gonna start this post off with Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who reads this.  Chances are you are simply killing some time before heading out to meet and eat with family and friends.  Be safe and have a great day.  I’m starting my day off with my cup of Joe and some quick reading of favorite blogs while the wife and kids are sleeping in.  This year will be a little different than previous years.  This year my family will be moving to a new house and due to work and horrible scheduling, my wife and I will be basically boxing up goods and moving back and forth all day.  The weird thing is that, although I would like to visit with family and friends, I’m looking forward to getting this move going.  With the recent addition of my son this year we have outgrown the two bedroom townhouse and need some more space.  My daughter is extremely excited because she has a bigger bedroom and my wife is excited because she has a bigger kitchen.  Both wins in my book.  I, however did not get the extra room that I wanted to become my guitar room/recording studio/mancave.  Oh well, you can’t win them all.  Anyway that’s my update for the day.  As for Thanksgiving dinner, thank goodness Cracker Barrel is open today!

Be safe and enjoy the holiday season.



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