Middle of the Holidays

I guess it has been a while since I posted anything and I thought that during my lunch break today I would take a few minutes to get a blog out there.

First off, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  This year has been a crazy year.  After moving into a new house during Thanksgiving and celebrating my sons first Christmas I have had little time to do anything other that eat, work, school work, sleep, repeat.  Throw in a move to a new house and my time has disappeared.  Not a lot of gaming on the Xbox, not a lot of guitar playing, not a lot of rest.  Simply not a lot of time.  What is the old saying?  Not enough hours in the day.  I feel like my wife and kids barely see me and work has been rough.  I’m stuck tolerating berating emails from the owner about how bad my performance is compared to others that have years and years more experience than I do.  Any lawyers out there reading my blog?  I would love to have a professional read these threatening emails that I have gotten over the past 6 months.  Enough of that rant.  I can’t let it get me down at a time like this, in the middle of the holidays.  I have been sending out some resumes and hoping to get into the field that I am currently studying for,  I.T.  Any pointers or tips you readers may want to reach out and lend a hand would be appreciated.

Now I will conclude with the fact that this was the first year that my daughter really got into Christmas and it was exciting.  I love seeing the joy and happiness in her eyes when she was anxiously awaiting Santa’s visit and the awakening on Christmas day and more important, the response she gave granny when she was asked what “today” was.  My daughter replied Jesus’ birthday.  I couldn’t have been prouder.  As I have said before I won’t push Christianity beliefs on anyone but to hear her say that gave me hopes that she won’t simply take Christmas for granted.   My son is only 6 months old so he spent more time trying to bite the gifts and chew on the ribbon.  Quite humorous.  Regardless, a day that I will remember, I hope, forever.

Now it’s back to work and taking care of automotive needs.

Happy Holidays!



One thought on “Middle of the Holidays

  1. Glad you had a good Christmas. Sorry I haven’t spun over and checked out this post yet. I know what you mean about not enough hours in the day. Hang in there. Maybe we can podcast again soon. Good luck with your job search.

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