NFL 2015, Are you ready???

As I prepare to go to work this morning, trying to enjoy a cup of coffee and a few minutes with the kids, I am frantically trying to get my fantasy teams ready and finalized and also deciding what I’m going to wear today. Am I talking fashion? Not exactly. It’s NFL’s first Sunday and as a die hard Steelers fan, I have to pick out the jersey that I’m going to wear in support of my favorite team. Unfortunately this season may not look too promising according to the “pros” on ESPN and many other sports analysts, but I’m a believer. The Steelers have a history of defying the odds and turning some rough pieces of coal into diamonds. On that note, Steeler Nation, let’s get ready to rumble! Go Steelers!!!

Steelers Yellow


5 thoughts on “NFL 2015, Are you ready???

      1. I was on chill mode watching it. Then I had to get serious. They won and then the Panthers decided to almost give it away in the fourth. Tough day football wise for me.

      2. I felt the exact same way. This may be a long season if Pittsburgh keeps playing that way. It will be different when Cam returns for the Panthers.

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