iPhone 6, Game Changer Or Just Another Smart Phone

If you are awake and are paying attention to the technology world today there is no doubt that you realize that tomorrow, September 9th, 2014, Apple has a big announcement concerning the new iPhone and possible an i-wearable. As a tech junkie that has been a user of both the iPhone (3GS, 4) and Android devices (Nexus 5, Galaxy S-III) I must admit that this is the year that Apple needs to come up with something that makes me desire the need to come back to the iPhone.  The sad part is that I really want to go back to the iPhone but with the size of the current version being such a slender device that has been one of the major turn offs for me.  We have all read the the rumors with the projected sizes of the iPhone 6 being 4.7″ and 5.5″ screens and I am hoping that to be the truth.  Size is important to me in a hand held device and with my current Nexus 5 I will admit that the size of the phone is nearly perfect and of course being a Google phone all updates to Android go through the Nexus first.  It’s kind of the best of both worlds.  Now for the practicality of my needs.  I am a Macbook Pro user and an iTunes user.  The iPhone will only complete my circle of “the world of Mac”.  I would be able to carry one device that stores my music for on the go and synchronization would be seems with my laptop.  Currently I carry my phone, my iPod and sometimes my laptop.  That can be a little overbearing but it is a fact that I have lived with for over two years now.  What will tomorrows news bring?  Beyond long lines of fanboys waiting for the device to be released in a few weeks, no one is 100% sure other than the circle of trust the is the beast known as Apple.  I will be anxiously waiting for the announcement and listening intently to the announcements tomorrow to see if the is iPhone 6 will be the game changer that I am hoping for.  What are you thoughts?  Will you be one of the many that go back to iPhone if you have already left?  Will you be one that leaves iPhone because of the new design?  Technology announcements like this come once a year from Apple and it’s been a long wait for some of who have been waiting on that “game-changer”.

iphone 6


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