NCAA Saturday…Who’s your pick?

Before heading off to work on Saturday mornings I always spend a couple of minutes browsing the big NCAA football games of the day.  NCAA Saturdays are something I miss when I have to work on the weekends but thanks to the internet I can at least keep up.

What about the Tennessee vs. Oklahoma game?  I may be smelling an upset if the Sooners have over looked the surprising Volunteers this week.

Georgia vs South Carolina?  Georgia.  Big time.  Spurrier’s team won’t be able to stop the Bulldog running game.

West Virginia vs Maryland?  Terps in new jerseys win.  Close game.

Kentucky vs.  Florida?  Everyone thinks Gators win big.  Watch out Big Blue Nation will make this a game.  Closer than what you may think.

Those are the games that I will be paying attention to this weekend.  My gambling days are long behind me but if I was still dropping bills I might come out nice this weekend.  We’ll see.  Have a great Saturday.  Go Wildcats!


2 thoughts on “NCAA Saturday…Who’s your pick?

  1. Yesterday was exciting. My picks were ultimately crap but that is what makes NCAA football so much fun. I’m surprised that Georgia didn’t win but the Kentucky game was a heart breaker. They scared Florida and proved that this year the Wildcats may have something the SEC doesn’t expect from a basketball school.

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