The Never Ending Prayer

As I wake up and get my daily routine started…Coffee, help get my daughter ready for school and onto the school bus, and a few minutes of headline reading across the web.  As it has become daily news with either terrorism, ISIS or ISIL, there is a brief pause of fear and sadness that is hard to explain.  I will never understand why middle eastern religious zealots find no way to leave western culture and religion out of their agenda of destruction.  Could it be jealously?  Angry that the western world has become independent and acceptable to almost everything you can think of?  Probably.  Why is it that they can’t leave us and the rest of the civilized world alone?  I’m sure I’ll never know.  As a matter of fact I find it completely unusual that for a religious group so focused on their God that they can kill innocents so inhumanely and without remorse.  This is one of the things I pray for daily.  To protect our country and most importantly my family.  I often ask God to expose his plan for me.  I want to be a better person, a prepared person and also an understanding person.  Am I supposed to do something different with my life?  Is there a difference I can make?  I want my kids to feel the safety that I did as a child.  Never a care, never a worry throughout childhood.  That is the true goal.  With so many terrible things going on, I fear that neither of my kids will every have the freedom that I did as a child.  Knowing that there are so many terrible people in this world and also knowing that these same types of people are closer than what most Americans want to realize scares me.  I have no solutions and only seek guidance in the tough times that we may face in the future.  This is a truly random thought of the day and part of my never ending prayer.


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