Hidden Messages In Unusual Places

I am sore this morning.  Why????  Just a quick back story summary.  In my life I can proudly say that in my younger years I was a playground “legend”.  I mean that at 6’3″ and, in my early 20’s, weighing in at under 200lbs, I was known to be a good basketball player in the area I was born and raised.  I worked full-time at a recreation center (still do part-time to this day) and life was great.  Physically in great shape and living life to the fullest (at least I thought).  Daytime lifeguard, nighttime basketball star.  Life seemed so good.  Fast forward to age 41, a little overweight, a little softer, but the same desire to win.  Last week I was asked to join a team of younger guys that needed a “big” guy to help them out.  Of course I obliged and let them know that I would play with them at the next game.  Last night was the next game.  We lost to a team that was basically the Emory and Henry college basketball team.  Not bad for a team that had never played together, I believe that we started playing better towards the end of the game as we got used to each other.  Personally, I had a very good game.  I do believe it surprised the rest of the team as the “old man” showed that he had a few tricks left up his sleeve.  Now you know why I’m sore, but this story is only leading up to what I feel is the real reason I’m writing this post.  After I finished playing the 7:00pm game, it was my turn to keep score for the 8:00pm game.  Picture two games played simultaneously on a divided full court.  I’m keeping the right side score, a co-worker named Gavin was keeping the left side score.  During both of our games, we have a conversation discussing whats going on in our lives, jobs, etc…A quick side note on Gavin, he has been known to party, going out on the weekends and meeting girls and drinking it up.  I’m not condoning his lifestyle, there was a time when I was known to drink it up as well.  Thank goodness those days ended years ago, but back to the story at hand…When discussing our jobs, Gavin caught me off guard.  He told me that he was possibly looking to get out his management position with a very good company and going into another line of work.  Here is where it got interesting, he told me that he his life has been going through a change.  Little did I know, Gavin had been going to church and trying to follow a light that would lead him off his darkened path.  He told me of his desire to have something more in life and be spiritually fulfilled.  Gavin also told me how over the past few months he had been asked to give sermons on Wednesday nights regularly and last Sunday he preached the Sunday message to the entire church.  Gavin told me that his life, changing for the better, was being challenged in new ways.  He described more temptations were being tossed his direction.  He described the inspiration from the congregation was overwhelming and his church was offering to assist him in going to a seminary school to focus on religious studies.  I told him that it seemed cleared that God had indeed opened up his door and turned on the light to lead Gavin to a better place.  I told him that I was proud of him and discussed some of my changes in life as well.  We both spoke of admiration of Dr. Charles Stanley and the message he brings to this world of troubling times.  Gavin also let me know that he was going to Atlanta to meet with Dr. Stanley and tour his church.  I told him that I wish I could go as well as that would be a life changing experience.  Unfortunately my work schedule at this time doesn’t permit me to go to service on Sunday’s as I work Saturday through Tuesday for the time being.  Prior to last tonight, I believed that Gavin was on a path to destruction and now his words and story inspired me.  Gavin you have re-kindled my desire to learn and understand the message of God and his plan for me.  My prayers nightly for understanding my place in His world became a little clearer last night.  Thank you for the hidden message in the most unusual place.


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