Thought of the day-Oct. 12

I read and view the news every day. Whether it’s on the web or on TV, I generally check out what’s happening.  I also find myself getting depressed when reading the same headlines over and over again.  War is imminent.  ISIS is not going to fall as easy as we hope for.  They are like a cancer and there is no cure for cancer.  I worry about the well being of our country.  Fear fills my mind with the thoughts of home grown ISIS operatives being arrested here in the United States.  It’s happening just in case you don’t know.  Are you prepared? I like to think I am but I’m not sure.  I pray I never have to face that test and pray for the well being of everyone here on our planet.  Peace is such a simple prayer but a much needed one.  I encourage each of you,  that no matter your choice of religion, to pray, meditate, focus, etc… On peace and the well being of mankind.  We are only here for a little while let’s try to make it enjoyable. Just my random thought today.


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