The Message

I realize that it has been a while since I have posted and with work and kids taking up lots of time in my life I let the things that aren’t that important kinda go to the wayside.  The reason I decided to shoot out a blog today is because of an event that happened a couple of weeks ago that I can’t explain.  Actually I can but it will be unbelievable to most readers.

I woke up one morning two weeks ago and had a desire to read and the study the bible.  I mean a desire.  Almost like the feeling you have when you wake up and you are hungry for breakfast.  That was the feeling I had.  Not only that, I almost feel like I need to be teaching sermons to believers.  I will admit that most would find this strange but I once had a position training and teaching employees in large groups about safety and security so the teaching part is not scary to me in the least bit.  Crazy, I know.  I have been a believer for a while and not knowing what has pushed me into this desire to study and understand scripture seemed to puzzle me.  Then I realized after frantically searching the bible for some answers that God sometimes choses those who are called to serve.  That fact is recorded throughout the bible from Moses to the birth of Christ.  Maybe this is my wake up call to do something that I was supposed to do all along.

When I say something has changed, I mean something has changed.  I have been reading scripture daily and now have a greater focus on living a better life through the teachings of the bible and being a better person.  Literally to the point I’m almost offended when I witness something that would not be ok in the view of a Christian.  As I said earlier, I have had a desire to study scripture and within that desire I have been searching out a study bible that will help me on my way.  There are a ton of choices out there and I’m torn in which version I’m going to go with.  I currently have the King James Version and have decided to expand my horizon and go with a different translation.  I do listen to the preachings and teachings of Dr. Charles Stanley and have recently started listening to the preachings of Dr. John Macarthur.  I feel that a Macarthur Study bible will be the way to go as that is what feels right in my heart.  I’m now trying to decide between the ESV or the NASB versions.  I plan to visit my local Christian book store (which isn’t so local) this week and get a hands on both versions.

Now on to the next dilemma, I’m in an unusual position.  I work Saturday thru Tuesday and never have Sunday’s off from work.  I need to find a local church that will accept that I can only be part of worship on Wednesday nights (until my schedule changes) and I typically have both of my kids with me.  It may be some time before I can actually get a Sunday off and I want to be part of something greater but it seems that I am in a crossroads and it is tough for me to know the direction to go.  I am going to reach out to the church that I first went to as a child up through my late teen years and see if they can accept my needs.  I hope that is the right direction.  I will be praying for some help and hope to find guidance from the greater glory.

Until next time, this is my thought of the day.  Thanks for stopping by!


3 thoughts on “The Message

  1. Most churches have stuff on Wednesday nights. Should be easy to find. Glad you have found your way towards faith. When I became a Christian in 2009 it changed my life. I still sin, still have my issues, but I am more aware of them now, and I do try to fight them. Before 2009 I really didn’t think anything about them. Good luck.

    By the way, this will probably be your best bible to get –—Side-Bible/dp/0310436761/ref=sr_1_sc_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1429037631&sr=8-2-spell&keywords=nive+side+by+side+bible

    I also have a local pastor who’s a friend that would be more than willing to talk to you. Just let me know.

    I hope all is well.

    1. Thanks for the comment Anthony. Tonight I plan on taking the kids and myself to Abingdon Baptist. That is where it all began for me and I feel like it is the perfect place for them to start as well. As far as Bibles go, I believe I am going to go with the ESV Study Bible. It seems to be a fantastic translation and highly recommended among theologist and biblical scholars. I do have a study bible that is called The Compass Study Bible and is in an “Easy-to-read” style that you may appreciate. Almost in the style of a screenplay. I haven’t read through the bible in probably over 30 years and and decided to start again. I plan to blog about that journey later. I will admit that something did change in me back when Noel was very sick in 2009 and she was in the hospital. That night I felt like a prayer was answered and has pushed me forward. Thankful is a word that comes to mind and being a christian is the way of life I have purely focused on.

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