The Journey

As a continuation to my post the other called “The Message”, I’m going to post an update and let anyone who is following or reading my words can see what has changed recently.  Here is the brief summary of what has happened in my life with in the past two weeks, simply put in one sentence:  I felt an incredible urge to focus and study the Bible to gather knowledge and be able to present the word of God to others.  Now onto this “urge”…

With my new desire and reaffirmation of faith I have spent a long time researching study Bibles in trying to find the right one for me to continue this incredible journey that has been presented to me.  After two weeks of praying and waiting for the right time to determine what study Bible I was going to purchase, out of the blue my mother called me yesterday morning and wanted me to meet up with so that she could purchase my son his first Bible.  (As a precursor, Wednesday night I had told my mom that I was taking both my daughter and son to church for the Wednesday evening services.  With my current job schedule I am working Saturday through Tuesday and it has severely limited my ability to go to Sunday services for the time being.  Now on to the rest of the story.)  I agreed and by 10:30 am my son and I were on the way to meet up with my mom and head out to basically the only Christian book store in the Bristol VA/TN area.  As we arrive at the store and go inside, we quickly find the children’s section of Bibles and my mom literally sits in the floor and begins looking at each and every Bible that is for children that she can find. While my mom is going through the various Bibles, I decided to take a look at what was available for study Bibles for adults.  The selection was not bad but it was certainly not as good as I had hoped for and I felt that I should at least look and see what the various versions offered.  Before I go any further, I had previously made up my mind that I really wanted a John Macarthur Study Bible, a Charles Stanley Life Principles Bible or a ESV Study Bible.  I highly respect both Charles Macarthur and Charles Stanley and feel like that either of those versions of scripture would be perfect for my needs.  I also wanted to get at least a bonded leather for some longevity knowing that imitation leather and paperback would not be as long lasting.  After 15 minutes of looking around, it happened.  I initially found a Life Principles Bible.  I scanned through it and thought that this was fantastic.  It was the New King James translation and although I had wanted a ESV or NASB translation I figured that the NKJV would be fine.  As I was putting the Life Principles Bible back on the shelf and noting the price for future reference, I looked the top shelf and, almost glowing in my eyes, I found a Macarthur Study Bible in NASB.  I immediately pulled it from the shelf and scanned through.  I was very impressed in the notes and the fact that it also was a large print version was a bonus as I enjoy reading in the evening under somewhat lower light conditions.  This bible felt just right.  I will admit that it was massive and had some weight to it, it didn’t matter.  I made my mental note to find this Bible online and purchase it once I had the extra funds to make the purchase.  As I put the Bible back on the shelf I must have lost track of time as nearly 30 minutes had passed and still my mom was sitting in the floor with a variety of Bibles laid out in front or her and my son.  She asked my opinions on what she had selected and we found a version that we both agreed on, the Seaside Bible for Children in KJV by Nelson Bibles.  My mom then asked if I had found anything and I had told her that I did and would wait to buy it from the internet another day and then out of nowhere she told me to go ahead and get it it.  I told her that she didn’t need to do that.  The one I wanted was a study Bible and it was fairly expensive.  My mom basically would hear nothing of it and told me to get it and take both Bibles to the counter and have the salesman put our names on the Bibles.  I had my son’s full name imprinted and decided to simply have my last name imprinted on the Study Bible.  At first my mom insisted that the man imprint my full name of the bible but I explained to my mom that I wanted to do the last name only because I want to leave it behind for my kids when I’m gone and they will be able to have a personalized Bible that they could use in the future.  Needless to say, the imprinting looked great and I realized that a prayer was answered yet again.  As I walked away with my son and out new Bibles I had to give thanks to my mom and to God as I know that he had found a way to fulfill a request that I had in my heart.  I feel like my heart is in the right place and am genuinely looking forward to my journey back through the scripture that has been calling to me for the past couple of weeks.

To top yesterday off, this morning a close friend of mine called to catch up.  I had told him the good news of my recent Study Bible acquisition, he congratulated me and wished me the best and let me know that he is there for me if I needed anything, but in a crazy twist my friend also gave me some news of a great nature.  He advise that he was keeping the news private for now and was only disclosing to some close friends and family.  My lips are zipped for now but feel blessed to know his news and plans and I can only wish the best for him and his family.

All I can say right now is that the past two days have been incredible and I look forward to sharing this journey with everyone.


2 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Great post. Always there for you if you need me. I’m also going to share this post with a Pastor friend of mine. He would be a good person to talk to – he’s the one that baptized me. Good luck.

  2. Thanks. I’m enjoying the experience of writing about my Journey. I hope to keep this going. It seems inspiring to me to write about the Christian experience.

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