Finding Faith

On the path of my Journey I find myself reading through the Bible as I have been desiring.  I have found myself in the middle ground in the books of Moses and after completing Genesis and Exodus, Leviticus has started laying the groundwork of God’s demands and needs from his followers.  The in depth descriptions of his sacrifices that are required by his followers are somewhat unusual considering this day and time but were a staple of faith in the Old Testament.  I’m looking forward to finishing my reading of Moses’ works as his documents are the backbone of the Old Testament and are the teachings of a great man who was lucky enough to speak with God in the most personal manner.  It may seem hard to believe by some but the description of Moses as he comes down from Mt. Sinai as almost angelic and his face glowing simply defines divine works.  Although I know that after my readings my face may not be aglow but my heart and mind are tied into this great historical documentation of the earliest walks with God and tests of faith.  I try daily to keep my faith in the Word and I feel I  am making great strides in being the person that God wants all of his children to be.  I’m far from perfect, but, at the same time, I’m far from the person that I became nearly 20 years ago when I strayed away from the path of goodness and righteousness that God expects of his followers.  The power of faith in the Lord is incredible and can not only be eye opening but also heart fulfilling.  Faith is when you know that God is there when you can’t see him.  Faith is when your prayers may go unanswered because you understand that God has a better plan.  Faith is when you sit alone and wonder “where did I go wrong?”, and something out of nowhere brightens your day.  Faith is trust in what God has planned for you.  Faith is inspiring.  Faith is believing…


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