The Messengers

Today I have decided to share some thoughts on a movie I saw yesterday morning on Netflix and also a song that I felt was truly inspirational.

First the movie…It is called Left Behind.  It stars Nicholas Cage and it released in 2014.  It is certainly not a big budget film and it was definately a surprise.  Without giving to much away, the movie is partially about the rapture and partially about family choices.  I will say that as far as the rapture goes, the scenes in which it happens gives me hope that if I am alive when the rapture happens, this is how I want it to happen.  This movie is really about the beginning of the end of days.  The reviews on Netflix are mostly negative and it seems that the main reason is that people are complaining that it is a remake of another movie and it should be labeled as a Christian film.  Ridiculous, I know.  Anyway I feel that if you are a believer than it is worth a watch if you want to kill a couple of hours.

Now onto the song.  If you have read my recent blogs and possibly know me then you know that I have come full circle in life and feel like I was given a message that it was time for me to come home.  Long story short, I am doing all I can to become a model parent and provide Christian values to my children and even my wife.  I have been a regular at church for the past month or so (it was so easy to go back to the church that I originally attended regularly with my mom for nearly 14 years) after nearly 18 years of being away.  Daily bible study has given me some much missed biblical lessons and stories that I had nearly forgotten.  As well as given me spiritual joy and much needed source to lean on in tough times.  Now when I’m driving with my kids I had been trying to leave the radio on the Christian channel on XM called the Message.  Now I basically leave it on that channel regardless if the kids are in the car or not.  Well, that one or one of the other religious driven  channels.  Now sometime between picking my daughter up from school and going to Wednesday night service we were listen to The Message on XM and a song called Messengers came on.  It is by an artist named Lecrae featuring the band For King and Country.  You want to talk about uplifting.  Wow.  I’m not a fan of hip/hop or rap but this is alright.  It is lyrically inspiring and it truly has defined what we are as Christians.  Messengers.  Check out the video here:

The time is now for each of to spread the positive and life changing message of Christ.  Our world is in a bad way and we need to make a change.  Getting a nonbeliever to listen is tough but this is our battle that basically has been our mission from the dawn of the disciple.  Are you up for being a Messenger?


One thought on “The Messengers

  1. Left Behind was a good movie. Much better than it was received in my opinion. Glad to hear your walk is growing stronger. Keep at it. I’m praying for you.

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