Continued Journey

Ok, as my journey continues I have found myself in the middle of 1st Kings.  I have gotten through the stories of David and Solomon and have a few thoughts.  In reading about David and Solomon I see the trouble that power and fame brings to a person even in those times.  Davids desires ultimately take the toll on his soul and Solomon cannot be alone with nearly 1000 wives and concubines.  Very disappointing to see that no matter how the great the man may be it seems that they always fall from grace.  God’s forgiveness is great and this is clearly proven in the books of Samuel and Kings.  It is so easy to compare the lives and decisions of both David and Solomon to todays world.  It’s almost scary.  While it may be on most mens minds to “conquer” women similar to Solomon or even go to any means to be with a woman who is already spoken for like David, forgiveness is still God’s way.  It is sad to look back on my life and see how my decisions have molded me to become what I was.  Now that I have dedicated time to go “home” to God, it excites me to know that a path to happiness will be laid out with the guidance of the Lords word to lead me.  It also excites me to know that God never turned his back on me as I may have done to Him.  I am not perfect but I have changed since my journey began.  I thank God daily and try to read scripture when I can.  My prayer life has become regular and I feel that it really is making a difference.  I know that my children, as young as they are, can see a difference with “dad” and I know my wife can.  My journey is my rock.  It pushes me daily and allows me to find happiness and ways to become a better person.  I love the person I am becoming and hope that this experience will allow my wife and kids see up close and personal how great God is.  Even to sinners like me.


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